About Us
Based in New York, China Silk Tours is one of the premier U.S. tour operators and travel agencies that specialize in packaged tours to China & Southeast Asia. The company was founded since 1997. With more than 20 years experience in the travel business, China Silk Tours has developed a reliable and dependable team to serve all your travel needs.

We specialize in China programs, and coordinate directly with China ground operators. Our staffs, many of them born in China and trained in tourism, intimately know China and its destinations and are eager to share their personal knowledge with you. As a result, every year, China Silk Tours arranges trips and tours for more than a thousand people to China & Southeast Asia. These trips include leisure, business, student exchange, cultural exchange, performance groups, and many others.

China Silk Tours has been a top travel agency for many years, and as a result, we have been accredited by various travel associations. We are proud to be a member of numerous well-respected travel associations including the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), International Air Transport Association (IATA), National Tour Association (NTA) and Student Youth Travel Association (SYTA).

Our goal is to provide top-quality service and to assure your travel interests are met with the utmost care and convenience. We look forward to serving you in the coming years and are confident that your travel experience will be enjoyable and the trip of a lifetime!
10 Reasons to book China and Southeast Asia tours with China Silk Tours
  1. Over 10 years of experience in travel business, China Silk Tours has developed one of the most reliable and dependable team to handle all your travel needs.
  2. We design the hit itineraries and provide the deluxe tour at the most affordable price.
  3. We specialize in China & the Orient programs and team directly with local tour operators.
  4. Round trip international & domestic air on China Southern Airlines, United Airlines, Air China, China Eastern, Korea Airlines and Japan Airlines…etc.
  5. All deluxe or superior first class hotel accommodations.
  6. Deluxe Yangtze River Cruise with shore excursions and all meals on board.
  7. Escorted throughout China by our English Speaking guides at each city to show you the local sights.
  8. Fine meals daily as well as many local specialty cuisine dinners as specified on itinerary.
  9. Special evening entertainment programs as specified on itinerary.
  10. All sightseeing tours and entrance fees included.